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All Over 30 Sarah Shevon, Listed in Lacey Ladies
AllOver30 Sarah Shevon
All Over 30 Sarah Shevon Info:

Personal Page at AllOver30: Sarah Shevon
Age: 30
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
City: Grass Valley, CA
Occupation: Model/Actress
Turn-Ons: Pretty much everything really however chemistry is what is most important. I'm into all kinds of fetish and sex stuff. There isn't much I don't do, I like to explore and push my limits as well as others.
Best/favourite sexual experience: It's hard to choose but a good one would be that I did a girl/girl/girl - anal scene where I was supposed to be a patient getting a dental saliva transplant and the doctor and assistant were supposed to fuck my ass first but they couldn't really produce that much saliva so it didn't get sloppy first. I broke character and then their asses got fucked first and when it was my turn, I really heated it up more, squirting from large anal toy slapping my asshole. That day included lots of atogm and double ended dildo. Sucking, kissing, globs of spit and hot chicks enjoying each other.
Favourite Sexual Position: Missionary, spoon, doggy

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